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Ministry Shouldn’t Be This Hard


  • Uninspiring Worship
  • Staff Conflict
  • Confusing Direction
  • Declining Membership
  • Not Enough Volunteers
  • Financial Difficulties


1703: A Faith Collaborative is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose purpose is to help individuals, leaders, and organizations cultivate purpose, compassion, and community. We train, mentor, and resource leaders and volunteers in creating stronger bonds in their congregations and
surrounding community. 

Overcome Your Challenges


Discern God’s vision for your church and community then chart a path to growth.


Create a greater sense of community within your congregation and connect with your neighbors.


Create a welcoming and missional focused organization with staff and volunteers.


Increase giving, be better stewards , and invite your congregation to change the world.

Transform your community and the world. Clarify your purpose, know who your neighbors are, develop a strategy, and start changing lives.


1. Free Consultation

Contact us for a free thirty minute conversation about the challenges you’re facing and how we can help.

2. Ministry Plan

We’ll develop a path forward that fits your timeline and budget so you can move forward with your congregation.


3. Growth

Spend more time making disciples, serving the community, and transforming the world.

?Rob was instrumental in pointing me toward building solid networking, follow-up, and growth systems. He understands the work that is required in order to do this difficult work.

Samantha Blewis

Pastor, Front Porch Church

Rob was great in helping us create a clarified purpose of our 15 year old organization. The respectful and open discussion facilitated by Rob enabled us to accomplish our key goals.

Michael Powell

Catalyst Arizona

Rob is one of those 2% of leaders who gets it.

He is smart, creative, & a visionary who sees things others don’t.

John Dorhauer

The United Church of Christ

Rob is a true innovator in the sense that he doesn?t just come up with crazy ideas, he actually gets them done. His passion, creativity, pragmatic optimism, and tireless work ethic are a rare combination.

Dennis Skinner

President, Many to One

Rob is a game changer. He combines deep passion and care for people with astute and honed skills in leadership. He has helped me think deeper about the challenges of ministry and develop creative solutions.

Dale Fredrickson

Speaker and Poet

Rob Rynders brings an innate understanding of how to be the church in a new day. His wisdom is a guide into our present-future, and I am deeply grateful for his voice!

Dottie Escobedo-Frank

Pastor and Author, The United Methodist Church

Change Lives. Change the World.

At 1703 we know ministry leaders are called to transform the church and the world. In order to do that you need a compelling vision, a ministry plan, and best practices. The problem is that you’re overwhelmed with the whirlwind of day to day ministry and you don’t know where to start, which makes you feel tired and helpless. We believe ministry shouldn’t be this hard. We understand what you?re going through because in our over 40 years of combined ministry leadership experience we’ve been stuck and burned-out too. That’s why we’ve developed tools and strategies to help.

Here’s how it works: connect with us for a free consultation where we’ll discuss your needs and challenges. From there we’ll design a solution – a workshop, training, resources, or plan that will transform your ministry. Schedule a time to talk with us so you can stop spinning your wheels and start connecting with your neighbors.

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